Kicking off Golden Week, the TW party took place on April 28 at the stylish Or (stylized as ‘or’) Miyashita Park. TW’s editors, writers, photographers, readers, Insiders Club members, magazine interviewees, influencers and new friends came together for another night of connecting, dancing and good vibes. We drank original cocktails, looked at art and made memories with the film cameras our photographer Lisa Knight left for everyone to play with. You can check TW’s Instagram for the results.

Original TW x OR Cocktails

Here at TW we love being creative, a little bit unique and having a lot of fun. At the start of the pandemic, we did the Quarantini series, during which we made cocktails at home while also visiting breweries and bars. We recently shared this passion of ours with our host venue. Together, we came up with two original cocktails only available for our party. For those who didn’t have the chance to taste them, we are sharing the recipes so you can make one at home.

Kanade Sakura Gin & Tonic

– 10ml Kanade Sakura liqueur
– 30ml gin
– 1/8 of a lime
– tonic water

Kanade Sakura & Milk Tea

– 30ml Kanade Sakura liqueur
– 40ml black tea (unsweetened)
– Milk

Music and Art

This TW party was all about the mellow sounds of Japanese neo soul, future funk and acid jazz. DJs Yota Kakuda (Yota Kakuda Design) and Shima Shun(Essence Acid) spun vinyl all night. We danced to everyone’s favorite “Plastic Love” by Mariya Takeuchi, city pop hits by Tatsuro Yamashita, as well as tracks by Mondo Grosso and many more.

Guests could also see the glitch art pop-up exhibit by futurist artist Simon Kalajdjiev and pick up free art postcards. The artist’s surreal digital Tokyo cityscapes perfectly matched the vibrant views of Shibuya outside.

The People and the Vibes

We are happy to have one of the most creative, diverse and friendly communities in Tokyo. Some familiar faces at the party are also on the pages of the latest issue. We had the pleasure of welcoming all four Tokyoites from our Voice of Tokyo blitz interview series: two brilliant podcasters in Terrence Holden from Tokyo Speaks and Julia Puckett from The Lighthouse with Jupuckett, as well as theatre director Alexandra Rutter and creative technologist Steffie Harner. Members of Haus Von Schwarz came to party with us too, along with Tobias Ulf Eddie Endigo Öberg, known professionally as Endigo, a drag queen of Ru Paul Drag Race Sweden fame. You can read the Haus von Schwarz interview in our September 2022 issue, while Endigo’s story is in our upcoming issue.

Some of Tokyo’s best event hosts were in attendance as well. This included Kalin Law and Robin Rastenberger, who are behind Tokyo Love Hotels, Ian Rudd from Artedly and John Amari from Millennials of Tokyo. It was also great to hang out with charming social media influencers such as Ariel Lee and Pele Von, plus many more. We chatted to artists such as Elora Pautrat known as Owakita on Instagram, Marina González known as Breathing Tokyo and the masterminds behind Jinny Street Gallery who we interviewed for our YouTube channel.

These are just some of the many lovely people who came out. Thanks to everyone who helps us create the magazine, as well as those who read it and continue to support us.

We are already planning the next TW party. See you all on June 9, 2023.







– かなで桜リキュール 10ml

– ジン 30ml

– ライム1/8個

– トニックウォーター



– カナデサクラリキュール 30ml

– 紅茶(無糖)40ml

– ミルク