With three floors of different music genres, Or is putting on three parties into one you can cycle through and party into the new year.

The first floor will be a hip-hop haven, with more than 10 DJs. The second floor is a treat for pop culture vultures, dedicated to anime songs and J-pop. The third floor is the techno and house room, with special guests Drunken Kong and Masanori Morita joined by five other DJs. There will be an MC, a VJ and more.



1階はヒップホップ天国となり、10人以上のDJが登場。2階はアニソンとJ-POPに特化したポップカルチャー好きにはたまらないフロア。3階はテクノ&ハウスで、スペシャル・ゲストのDrunken KongとMasanori Moritaが他5人のDJと共演する。MCやVJなども登場。