Chill out with the TW crew at Tokyo’s hottest (yet very comfortable under AC) party at Or, Miyashita Park on August 4.
Sip on the original TW x OR cocktail available only for one night that we’ve created and connect with the coolest Tokyoites.

Every other month, Tokyo Weekender creates and celebrates the non-digital and tangible parts of culture. At our party, you can grab a free copy of the latest issue of TW and have a chance to chat to fellow creatives. A host of writers, photographers, designers and artists who are part of TW in some shape or form will also be there. As will a selection of the inspiring people interviewed for the magazine. Together, we will create a genuine cultural hub for one night.

The August 4 party is all about summer relaxation, slowing down and having fun.

Bunzaburo, a century-old fashion brand from Kyoto, will take over the pop-up exhibition space with its fantastic creations. In the latest issue, you can read all about these captivating spiky-yet-soft creations that look both natural and otherworldly. Every attendee will also receive a special Bunzaburo gift.

As always, DJs will spin the best sounds, from lo-fi and chillhop to Japanese city pop. We will have DJ Fujiko, DJ Abilio and DJason, but stay tuned for more announcements and surprises!

*All tickets include one free drink.

* TW party guests are eligible for free entrance at Or’s hip-hop party that follows on the same night.

*Chillaxy’s CBD brand exhibit at this event has been canceled.