Category Trance vol.20

OPEN 16:00-23:00

ENTRANCE ¥2,500/ND (Guest discount ¥2,000/ND) [Meetup] ¥4,500/1Food & 1Drink ¥3,500/1Drink


Special Guest DJ :Felix Kismet

Guest DJ :DJ 34

DJ : TORUKK / G’NK / aypch / MAKON / OJ3 / Arley / MonЯoe / Nanlaze

VJ : VJ Hosopyi.jp



DJ : DJ OnishiKosuke / Barrel / cicori / minato. / Antonie in wkwkland / Yuichiro / AC / Laru / Laguna


2023年5月から3年目を迎えるCategory Trance、Special Guest DJとして、香港よりFelix Kismet、Guest DJ として、DJ 34をお招きして開催します。

前回に引き続き、新規のDJも多数加わり、より規模拡大したCategory Tranceにご期待下さい!


Felix Kismet

Felix Kismet (AKA Sheldon Multiverse) is a Hong Kong based South African Underground Electronic Dance Music Producer, DJ and Musician (Guitarist, Bassist, Vocalist).

His style of music varies in tone depending on mood and vibe.

He has collaborated & shared the stage with many well known Musicians, Music Producers & DJs over the last 15 years such as: Federico Fernandez (Frontman for Hard Rock bands – FSPOT, Son of 1000), Contrast the Water (Metal Band), DJ Killer Bee, DJ Roman Sergey, DJ Nick Grater, DJ Thalia, DJ Kid Robot, DJ Kent, DJ Mark Stent, DJ Shapeshifter, DJ Kinetika, DJ Qclone, DJ Chris Palmer, DJ Hydro, Hippie Mafia, DJ Stephen Hinch, DJ Don Octavius, DJ CNinja, DJ Kofi BeaM, DJ SUM, DJ Kensan and DJ Ngugi Boogie to name a few.

(Recent) Event Labels involved with and played for:

– Rave Mama (HK)
– Big Noodle Events (HK)
– Kiosky (HK)

He’s also performed in bands (being a Frontman in bands as well) and performed as a DJ in various venues and festivals and events over the years such as:

– Burn presents After Dark Festival

– FUNempolyment presents Psy in the Sky Warm Up

– Chris Palmer presents Technik

– DJ Shapeshifter presents Electro Assault at Arcade Empire

– Earth Dance Open Air Festival

– Vocation the Root Open Air Festival

– FSPOT Live at Hard Rock Cafe

– FSPOT Album Launch at Tanz Cafe

More recently:

– Rave Mama presents Wormhole Vol. 3 at Mazu Nightclub

– Ravemama Radio (Live Stream)

– Big Noodle Events presents Mala Vibez 2 on Lantau Island

– Kiosky: Spring Edition (Lantau Island)

Previous Pseudonyms / Aliases: Emul8tor, Sonic Rage, Euphorium, Sensory Mode

He originally produced and performed under the “Emul8tor” pseudonym as well as others each with their own distinct style and persona. Emul8tor was a film & video game score / soundtrack (E.g. Sega Megadrive) inspired – Hard, Dark & Progressive Electronic / Dance Music project.

The music was influenced by retro Beat ‘Em Ups & Brawler fighting games. He has been on the frontier of the underground music scene and entertainment scene for over 15 years, forming and being in Grunge, Hardcore and Metal bands from the late 1990’s up until the early 2000’s.
While experimenting with new sounds and frequencies in bands and on solo projects he found himself drawn to old school Techno Trance.

He spent over a decade (while still being in bands and working on side projects) experimenting with Synthesizers, Electronic sounds and recording various instruments and sounds in nature while also being influenced by pioneers of old school underground techno – “2Unlimited”, “Technotronic” and “Moby” to name a few.

He pushed the boundaries in the Dark Electro, Industrial EBM & IDM music scene back in the early 1990’s and has produced music in various genres. Emul8tor has pioneered various sounds since he started producing and recording music.

His unique sound and methodical style of formulaic song construction will continue to develop as he learns and experiments with new sounds and techniques pushing his limits beyond creativity.

He produced, remixed & performed more chilled, melodic and  “euphoric” type of music under Euphorium and Sensory Mode

Genres & Sub Genres:
Atmospheric, Experimental, Electronica, Psybient, Ambient, PsyDub, Chillstep, Triphop, Minimal, Deep Minimal, Melodic House, Progressive House, Deep Techno, Melodic Techno, Electro, Electro House, Progressive Electro House,  Deep Trance, Uplifting Trance, Progressive Trance, Progressive Psytrance.
Dark Electronic, Electronic, Epic Music, Dark Synthwave, Dark Electro, EBM, IDM, Dark Wave, Electrostep, Metalstep, Aggro Tech, Progressive Techno, Techno Trance, Psytech, Dark Techno, Psytrance, Forest, Industrial Techno, Dark Minimal, Electro Tech, Metal Tech, Soundtracks / Theme Music, Video Game Music.

(In no particular order) Heatseeker, Deadmau5, Moby, John Digweed, Underworld, DJ Hyper, Shapeshifter, Moonface, Prodigy, Static X, Prong, Rob Zombie, Massive Attack, Nine Inch Nails, GMS, Way Out West, Cosma, Flowjob, Cybered, Asterix, Ironite, Munstrous, Gaiatech, Crennwiick, Flembaz, Funky Dragon, Deto & Gleam, Coming Soon, Boris Brejcha, ANNA, Digital Pulse, Illusionize and many more.



Music & Social Media Links:




https://Facebook.com/FelixKismet Music.HK

*My Facebook page is currently being converted from my Facebook profile name to my page name.







Felix Kismet




定期的に開催中の渋谷WOMB「TRANCE ESSENTIALS」や渋谷R-LOUNGE「R-TRANCE」のレジデントDJとして活動中。更には、イベント主催者として、これまでにSIMON PATTERSON/GREG DOWNEY来日のBIG TRANCE PARTY「OPEN UP TOKYO」を2019年渋谷WOMB全館貸切で開催。世界的人気アーチストであるGREG DOWNEY率いるSKULLDUGGERYとタッグを組み、TECH x PSYのTRANCEが融合した新たなTRANCEシーンを日本で起動するため、「SKULLDUGGERY JAPAN」を創立。デビューイベントとして、今年2023年1月27日に渋谷R-LOUNGEにて、「SKULLDUGGERY presents GREG DOWNEY (Extended Set)」を開催。



Trance DJ, Producer, Organizer。

2018年11月よりDJ活動開始。渋谷WOMBでのレギュラーイベント「Trance Essentials」やageHaでの「Electric Thunder」などTrance系のイベントを中心に出演。

プロデューサーとしては、2020年11月に、イギリスのトランスレーベル「Interflow records」と契約し、オリジナル楽曲「Gaia」をリリース。

Interflow records内のサブレーベル「Aural Sonic 138」のBeatportランキングにおいて、1位にランクイン。

2021年5月には、Interflow recordsのレーベルオーナー”Matthias Bishop”の楽曲「Celebration(Tribute to Cyril Ryaz)」のリミックスをリリース。

また、RockRiverRecordsとも契約し、2022年4月にAki Harunariの楽曲「New Horizon」のリミックスをリリース。

2023年1月には、自身のレーベルEVT Recordings より、「Spaceship Party」をリリース。

ドイツのラジオ曲「JennyFm」にて、’Massive Track Alarm’に選ばれる。

オーガナイザーとしては、2021年4月より、自身が主催するトランスイベント「Category Trance」、出演者がプロデューサーのみのイベント「Producer’s base」を渋谷WOMBにて開催。

「Category Trance」に関しては、Trance DJに挑戦したい新しいDJを積極的にアサインする方針で運営しており、本イベント出演をきっかけに他イベントにも出演するDJも複数人現れ始めており、日本のTrance界隈を盛り上げるべく開催を続けている。