MIYASHITA PARK is an entertainment complex focusing on street, art, fashion, music and design. The building consists of three levels: 1st floor café & bar, 2nd floor art gallery & music bar, 3rd floor café & music bar & event space, with a wide variety of music genres on each floor. Each floor offers a variety of music genres with the best sound system. The shop also features a pop-up space, digital signage and show windows, allowing visitors to experience the latest in art and design. The store also features a pop-up space, digital signage and show windows, where you can experience the latest in art and design. “or” is a culture hub station where people, music, and art cross over gender, age, and nationality.


The floor facing Meiji-dori is a café open from 11am. All floors are eat-in, and an escalator takes you directly to the adjacent Miyashita Park, where you can enjoy a wide range of take-away menus for both indoor and outdoor use. Or original salad bowl, spaghetti, original lemonade and lemon toast using no wax, no preservative lemon. collaboration with lemonade and fresh pasta specialty store New Cinema Parlor, which has a store in Okinawa. We will provide. All of our specialty pastas use raw noodles, and we use original Okinawa soba noodles specially ordered for pasta, as well as raw rigatoni and spaghetti ordered from a noodle factory on Awaji Island. In addition, we also offer coffee extracted from beans carefully selected by baristas and unique cocktails. In addition, there is a champagne mini bottle vending machine in the store, so you can enjoy it with the takeout menu.


Visitors can enjoy artworks by artists curated by "or" in a powerful size, and can also purchase rare art furniture created through collaboration between the artists and furniture craftsmen from Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture. Rare art furniture produced in collaboration between the artists and furniture craftsmen from Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture, is also available for purchase. The first artist is Shohei Otomo, who is highly acclaimed both in Japan and abroad.


In addition to high tables and chairs located throughout the floor, there are also sofas for more relaxed seating, allowing a wide range of entertainment options according to guests' needs. A wide range of entertainment options are available according to the needs of guests. The bar offers a view over Shibuya to Harajuku, where you can enjoy music and drinks while watching the cars and people passing by. The bar can also be entered and exited from the entrance on the facility side (closed for events and at certain times of the day), and can be reached by a single escalator to the park.


A new cultural spot in Shibuya

An airy, open space for shopping, eating out, sports and nightlife. A new cultural spot in the diversity town of Shibuya. There is or on the 1st to 3rd floors of the North building in MIYASHITA PARK.

To Miyashita Park, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.
Only one escalator ride away

In addition to the skating rink and bouldering wall that have long been a symbol of Shibuya Street, a new multi-purpose exercise facility has been built.
In addition, an approximately 1,000m² grass plaza that crosses the Shibuya sky has become a green arch over the years, and is now a place where people can relax freely.
It will blend into the city as a place of relaxation where you can relax freely.
Please take out or's cafe menu and spend your time.